Flaunt those freckles

Having skin like Kate Upton doesn’t mean you need 327 different products and enough hours in the day to do seven different chemical peels. All it takes is our ‘3 step skin guide for the time poor woman’.

Step-1 (purify baby)

Our product of choice is the Normaderm deep cleansing purifying gel. Wash your face well to deal with frequent breakouts, dilated pores and that revolting excess shine that leaves you looking like the bottom of a fish pan. The ingredients are anti-bacterial and help prevent new imperfections from surfacing. Price R195

Step-2 (Correct those problem areas)

For this step we recommend the Normaderm skin balance moisturizing and oil controller aqua gel. Yip, that is quite a mouthful but trust us, its fab! The new anti-oiliness aqua gel keeps the skin hydrated and fresh and smells delicious. Price: R225

Step – 3 (Protect)

Given the African climate, we recommend ideal soleil mattifying corrective care spf30. Sun ages the skin faster than balancing three boyfriends so this cover offers triple anti-blemish action. Price R290