Fashion’s hottest rising star

We’re always at the forefront of pop culture, so let us introduce you to fashion label, Talar Nina… it’s a pleasure.

Talar Nina is a contemporary unisex label founded in Dubai. The designer’s love of streetwear and intricate textiles led her to her first collection focusing on her favorite piece: the bomber jacket.

Created from luxurious lightweight fabrics, Talar Nina designs translate from day to night due to their unique embellishment and superb tailoring. Founder and designer Talar Bilemjian pulls her inspiration from her diverse cultural background and experiences.

Born in Los Angeles, Talar moved to London at a young age to pursue her education in the arts, where she became infatuated with the city’s historic museums and small haberdashery’s. After relocating to Dubai the Armenian designer graduated from École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mod (ESMOD) in 2014 and obtained her degree in fashion design, which allowed her to build a platform to launch her label Talar Nina.

Inspired by her love of the Middle East, (from the bold patterns of traditional carpet weaving to the intricate stitches found in her great grandmother’s beloved embroideries) the latest TALAR NINA collection encapsulates modern-day sensibility with a subtle sparkle and shine. Translated through a mix of delicately embroidered bomber jackets, ornamental track pants, and skirts, TALAR NINA’s ‘Eastern Promise’ will be the key pieces in your closet this fall, bringing a sense of comfort and elegance to any look.

The sequined collection consists of several pieces, including four bomber jackets, track pants, joggers, a long sleeveless vest, and mid-length skirt. Two of the bomber jackets will also be available for men.

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