Fall in Love with LCN

There’s a new beauty babe on our radar and here’s why we love it!

Since LCN’s origin in Germany in 1985, LCN has revolutionized the industry of cosmetics and continues to evolve, transforming the world’s desire into what was once a crush into an undeniable love affair.

LCN, in all its forms, is able to capture the hearts of many due to their insatiable desire to give the world everything they could possibly need in the realm of cosmetics. LCN’s vast range of nail and beauty products are award-winning and one of a kind, establishing a reputation that ensures that everyone is able to find exactly what they are looking for, therefore eliciting the lust that draws us in for more.

LCN is renowned for their innovative technology, with products that will not damage the nail bed and maintain the natural nail, providing the delicate touch that we all crave.

Fall in love with LCN and your nails will fall in love with you – pamper your nails with LCN and make sure that your hands are immaculate. You never know, you may be flaunting a diamond after your hot date.

Long Wear Eyeshadow – Nude Three colours complimenting each other in a silky soft texture with Vitamin E. Available in 6 different pallets. R595
Lipstick – Extreme Heat Nourishing lipstick in a rich and creamy texture. With its highly pigmented colour, it provides an intensive opacity for all-day wear. R360
Nail Polish 8ml – Bang Boom Bang » Even and striation free application
» Intensively and brilliant opacity
» High gloss mirror reflections
» Non yellowing
» Extremely long lasting
» Brilliant colour results
» Because they are from LCN!