Face beat strong

Ex- National director of artistry for Bobbi Brown, Louis Fritz is our go-to make-up artist and he’s got all the red hot glamour tips.

Having spent the last five years overseas in China, Germany, Seychelles, Miami and Dubai working on International Celebrity Clients like Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss America, America’s Next Top Model, The Royal Family of Bahrain, and International TV and Movie Stars, Louis has his finger on the pulse when it comes to all things make-up.

We chatted to the guru, snagged his tricks and rummaged our way into his make-up box.

When did your love for makeup start?

My love for makeup started at the age of two. While my brother was catching and eating bugs, I ate lipstick- it was love at first bite!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from everywhere I go, from the people I meet and even from the sensory explosion of smells, textures and colors of the food I eat. I remember being mesmerized by the colours and movement of an oil spill on the pavement on my way to work a few years ago and then recreating it on someone’s eyes as soon as I got there. Sometimes in my moments of madness I crush and make my own eyeshadows and pigments to find the exact color I want.
My two muses will always be my mom and my sister- their inner beauty and strength is what keeps me going.

When did you start doing make up?
I started doing makeup and hair on my mom and my aunt while I was still in primary school.
I later got my first Barbie when my sister was born. I was always doing her hair and makeup and styling her for impromptu fashion shoots however, my career officially started about 19 years ago when I did my first wedding. It kick started my career and I haven’t looked back since.

What do you love about make-up?
I love EVERYTHING about makeup. I get so excited about the smell, colors, textures and yes- sometimes even the taste!

How would you describe your make-up style?
I would say my style is definitely classic or sometimes a soft glam. I’m all about enhancing every feature to its maximum potential. I especially like to enhance some features and play down others so there is balance. Make-up is like composing a song- it’s all about harmony.

What beauty advice would you give to women?

My most important beauty advice to woman is to love and accept yourself unconditionally and to celebrate your own unique beauty. Focus on your favorite features and play and experiment with them. Don’t be afraid to develop a signature look.  Also- shape your brows, exfoliate your lips and wear sunscreen daily.

What is the most common beauty mistake women make?

The most common beauty mistake most woman make (apart from wearing the wrong shade foundation and then not blending it properly) is to fall victim to all the latest makeup trends. It’s so overwhelming for woman who don’t know much about makeup to open a fashion magazine and be bombarded by trends that won’t suit her. Rather have a less is more approach to makeup. Invest in a few classic must- have products and then take it from there. I feel like so many woman gets so stuck in a rut with their makeup routine that they almost need a ‘make- under’. Update your look but stay classic.

What is your favourite forever make-up product?
Aqua black waterproof cream eyeshadow is one of my fave products. It is so richly pigmented and its creamy buttery texture glides onto the eyelid and sets into a super long wearing eyeshadow. It can also be used with a brush as an eyeliner.

To book an appointment with Louis call him on 084 984 3200 or follow him on Instagram at @louiswfritz