Exercise your way to younger looking skin

The famous cosmetic brand Payot is back in South Africa and the fabulous thing about it? It comes with an exercise regime!

Created by feminist doctor, Nadia Payot in 1920 this skincare house has been keeping women’s’ skin looking ageless for the last 100 years. The products were designed to be used in conjunction with Payot’s unique facial exercise regime for an all over effect. We recommend the following program for younger and suppler looking skin.

Step 1: Cleanse with Les Demaqillantes


Containing mango extracts this cleanser leaves the face feeling clean,supple and comfortable.

Step 2: Purify with Pate Grise


This miracle potion is great for acne spots that need quick healing. It is an emergency ointment that is suitable for all skin types and works overnight to mature a blemish.

Step 3: Quench Thirst with HYDRA24+


This is the answer for women prone to taught-feeling and hydration-poor skin and is essential to prevent water loss.

Step 4: Lift with Les Elixirs


Slack skin is a big issue for South African women. As your skin matures, it loses its fitness and bounce. This smart serum-cream works by intercellular communication.

Step 5: UV protect with Les Solaires


South Africa has the second highest UV concentration in the world. Payot gives you a high factor sun care range to protect sun damage. Their Les Solaires creams come in both SPF 30 and 50.

Step 6: Exercise your face!

Payot is big on combining facial exercise with the use of their products. See their facial exercises below (which are also known as Nadia Payot’s alternative to Botox). Watch below!