Every freak finds their match

If you’ve been on Tinder for a year straight and are still coming up unlucky in love, why not try one of these um, interesting apps (one is for horse lovers only!)

Tinder and bumble are so mainstream. If you’re looking for something specific, 2017 has thought of it. All we can say is G-D BLESS THE INTERNET! Check out our top,  rather unconventional picks.

Bristlr : This app is for those who have a thing for bearded men and/or dream of having sex with Casey Affleck.  Listen, who are we to judge? If you like a little tickle, all we can say is more ‘clean shaven’ men for us.

3nder : Finally a Tinder for threesomes! What’s great about 3nder is that we no longer have to see the weird pics of couples on our Tinder. You thought the guy using his wedding pictures as his DP was a douche? Nope, it means him and his wife are both DTF.

Sizzl: Bacon lovers unite. I mean we all love bacon don’t we? Also what’s sexier than having a man fry you some breakfast the morning after sex? The downside of Sizzl is that Jewish guys are excluded and we love our kosher meat.

Gluten-Free Singles: Ok, this is our version of hell. What do gluten intolerant people and cross-fitters have in common? They don’t shut the fuck up about it. For those reasons we might just give this one a miss.

Tall Friends: This app is perfect if you want a tall boyfriend. What’s next? An app to choose their eye and hair colour? Ok, Hitler.

Equestrian Cupid : This is like OkCupid but for people who love horses. For some reason this reminds us of the weird girl in fifth grade who used to be obsessed with horses (we all knew one). That’s a hard no from us.