End girl hate

With so many charities to chose from in 2018 this is why we’re all about Women4Women.

Focused exclusively on female empowerment and community development, Women4Women is a dynamic NGO increasingly making an impact on the South African socio-economic landscape. Founded by former Miss South Africa and local businesswomen, Cindy Nell-Roberts, Women4Women has launched several successful initiatives that aim to mobilize economic growth through a strategy that places the interests of women firmly at the centre.

Women4Women has clear objectives when it comes to approaching the challenges faced by many women in South African society. In short, Women4Women is able to assist on a variety of levels in order to ultimately bring about job creation, increased income levels, the growth of female-owned businesses and entrepreneurship as well as empowering females of all ages and from all spheres of life to improve their circumstances.

To this end, although operating as an independent organization, Women4Women has chosen to strategically align and form partnerships with projects that are geared towards empowering women on a national level. Upcoming collaborations for 2018 include:

  • End Girl Hate: A campaign that aims to break down barriers between women and instead foster a culture of inclusivity through promoting greater solidarity and sisterhood amongst women. Originally started by LeAnne Dlamini, Women4Women will participate in a programme of anti-bullying events that aims to educate young girls about the role that they can play in contributing towards this.
  • Mrs South Africa: The Mrs South Africa organisation intends on raising the amount of R1 million which will then be channelled back to disadvantaged communities through projects chosen by the selected Mrs SA finalists. Women4Women is supporting this valuable endeavour through inviting the finalists to host a series of high teas and breakfasts countrywide that will highlight these projects along with motivational talks that showcase the power of strong female role models within a community.
  • Look Good…Feel Better Foundation: Intent on not letting cancer rob women of their self-confidence whilst undergoing treatment, Look Good…Feel Better provides free two-hour beauty workshops through a network of hospitals, oncology clinics & interim homes specially designed to assist women to manage the appearance related side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thereby helping to restore their appearance and self-image. In partnership with Cosmetix – the cosmetic distribution co-owned by Women4Women founder, Cindy Nell-Roberts – Women4Women will be involved with providing spring beauty products and services to events and workshops including the Look Good…Feel Better 2018 roadshow.

For more information visit: http://women4women.co.za/