You can’t type a message without an emoji making an appearance. In case you’ve ever wondered … that peach isn’t actually a peach! *Shock horror*.

Pop culture is a language of its own and emoji’s often speak the loudest. We’ve put together the ultimate emojipedia on what those cute little pics actually mean.


  1. Interpretation: “I literally don’t know” (Also known as: Bitch please emoji)emoji2
  2. Interpretation: “Whatever, screw it.” (Also known as:  jazz hands emoji)emoji3
  3. Interpretation: “Eek, I just saw something X-rated, like a nude” (Also known as: Cross-eyed face)emoji4
  4. Interpretation: “Home is where the heart is. Or, home is going to be a sex-den tonight” (Also known as: my lover’s house)emoji5
  5. Interpretation: “I’m going to say something bitchy but you can’t ever tell I said it.” (Also known as: User emoji)emoji6
  6. Interpretation: “I’m disappointed but relieved at the same time, ya feel?’ (Also known as: Eyebrow sweat emoji)windemoji
  7. Interpretation: “Blowjob… enough said” (Also known as: Wind blowing emoji).


8. Interpretation: “Orgasm” (Also known as ‘I just came’ emoji)


9. Interpretation: “Vagina” (Also known as the ‘peach emoji’).


10. Interpretation: “Penis”. (Also known as the ‘aubergine emoji’).