Do I have what it takes to be a professional model?

We asked fashion photog Melissa Huneberg whether or not us Insta hoes have what it takes to become runway pro’s.

What is the first thing you look for when casting a model?

It all depends on the type of shoot and the style and look. I love doing more conceptual stuff, so I love looking for people that don’t fit the stereotype of a model.  I also love people that can get into a character and mood for a shoot. It all comes down to confidence and being able to play a “role”.

Let’s talk weight … what is the ideal weight/ height?

I don’t think weight and height should be an issue. If you suit a certain look for a shoot then awesome! I would say it’s really important for a model to be comfortable in their body and with their looks (imperfections are beautiful).

Does your Instagram and social media accounts work in your favour (like if I’m Insta famous or not?).

I guess but don’t be a Kylie Jenner or look like you totally obsessed with yourself!

Worst thing a model can do on set?

Tell me how to do my job! Tell me to photoshop this, that and every fucking thing about them! Also, I don’t do well with Diva’s.

Does breast size matter? Is there such a thing as too big? (Also, your thoughts on undergoing breast augmentation?).

I’m all for boob jobs and al natural! I honestly just think you should be happy with what you have or what you want, You just need to feel like YOU!

What should I wear to castings / make – up?

No make up is actually awesome, but if you do need make up keep it chilled, you not going to a red carpet event!

 How important is a professional portfolio?

Having a portfolio is great to show different types of looks you can pull off. Professional photos are super important because no one is going to take you seriously if you’re taking shitty selfies with your IPhone in your room.

Also get as much experience in front of the camera as possible. Photographers love working with people that are super comfortable and know how to take direction. So do as many shoots with as many of cool photographers as possible,

Dream celeb to work with and why?

I have wanted someone to ask me this question FOREVER!!!!  TILDA SWINTON is the bomb shit. And I feel I don’t need to elaborate. If you love her like I do then you know why!

Celeb you would least like to work with and why?

Anyone that’s not weird in some way…

Melissa Huneberg