Ditch Xanax for these Passports & Pérignon approved anti-anxiety drinks.

After a long day, we’re all inclined to pop a calmative or down a bottle of wine (especially if we really hate our boss). In 2018 we’re going ‘au natural’ with these calming bedtime beverages (that will have you sucking your thumb and singing along with Enya).

Herbal Tea

There is a reason hippies drink this stuff.  Green tea contains theanine which helps reduce anxiety. Chamomile contains compounds that make you sleepy AF. And many other  herbal “sleepy” teas that pitch to aid sleep, contain valerian which helps reduce anxiety and nervousness. So like, overall, stock up on tea and sip away.

Warm Milkies (With A Little Booze)

There’s a reason parent’s back in the day used to give kids a glass of warm milk before bed. Warm milk is known to relax you and make you sleepy, as well as increasing your serotonin levels. Warm it up before adding a splash—keyword being SPLASH—of whiskey or amarula.

Pure Coconut Water

We all reach for this shit as a hangover cure, but it also helps for those days at work when your boss literally won’t get off your back. It supposedly balances electrolytes in your body which helps us not beat our computers with baseball bats. It also helps you sleep better thanks to its plethora of vitamin B.


It’s boring, but tested and true. It releases endorphins (which we’ve all learned from Legally Blonde make you happy) which improve your mood, and therefore, leave you less stressed than before. So yeah, keep chugging that water all day.

Anything With Honey

Now we know why Pooh was always so FUCKING happy even though he’d clearly lost his pants and ability to form coherent thoughts. Mixing honey into water, milk, or even tea calms nerves and leaves you with a sense of ease. So keep that local wildflower close by at all times.