Basic Bitches Unite!

Put your chai latte down, MAC is taking the term ‘basic bitch’ to the next level.

I brewed my own aphrodisiac tea and this is what happened.

Having been cooped up at home overcoming a recent tonsillectomy, I had time on my hands. What better way to pass it than in the kitchen, whipping up ‘Love your Libido’ tea?

‘OMG, I have to Instagram these!’

Online flower deliveries were so 2015. The new kid on the block? Instagram celeb ‘Bloomfield Bespoke Flower Boxes’. If your man hasn’t sent you a box yet, why is he not your ex?

Princess Dian(e)a

Looking like Kate Middleton has to start somewhere and Diane Paris is the only prêt-a-porter line we would wear when meeting darling ol’ Lizzy.

Flaunt those freckles

Having skin like Kate Upton doesn’t mean you need 327 different products and enough hours in the day to do seven different chemical peels. All it takes is our ‘3 step skin guide for the time poor woman’.

50 Shades of ‘does your boyfriend know you’re cooked?’

Our editor sent her unsuspecting boyfriend the most cringe-worthy lines from 50 Shades of Grey and the results were hilarious.

These boots were made for walkin’

Winter is fast approaching and Uggs were so 2007. Keep warm this season by putting your best foot forward thanks to Hunter’s 2017 collection.

A spa fit for an emperor… quite literally.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if like us you’re googling what to get your partner, we have just the idea (and it involves rubbing mud all over his body).

Fashion forward footsies

After seeing the new range of Running Bear children’s moccasins, can we change our Tinder bio to ‘Sperm donor needed’?

All you need is love and a really great Swedish massage.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we pledged to find the most romantic place in Joburg to spend our favourite holiday. Fairlawns Boutique Hotel comes with your very own butler to run your bubble bath for you. *We repeat, this is not a drill*