The coital coronary

Everybody likes things a little frisky in the bedroom but how easily can the Big ‘Oh’ turn to ‘Oh, my god call an ambulance!’


You can’t type a message without an emoji making an appearance. In case you’ve ever wondered … that peach isn’t actually a peach! *Shock horror*.

OMG, ‘new year, new me’

Every year I spend January 1st breaking enough of a sweat to last me the rest of the year (quite literally). This year, instead of ‘get a hot body’, I decided on something I might just be able to stick to until 2018.

Santa, I’ve been a naughty girl.

Christmas is twelve days away and if you’re still battling to get into the festive mood, we’ve got you.

Revamping date night

The early months of any relationship are blissfully romantic. Something as arbitrary as sharing a tin of tuna in your neighbour’s garage is considered foreplay. Don’t worry if you hate your partner and your date nights need a little inspiration - we’ve got you covered.

How to look way more fun than his new girlfriend on Instagram

We all know that when a man moves on we can’t stop ourselves from savagely stalking his new girlfriend on Instagram. Yes, it’s a war - and we ALWAYS win.

Is it morally acceptable to use Tinder for free food?

There’s a general perception that men pick up the tab in hopes of ‘getting lucky’, but in 2016 there’s a new wave of ‘fuck boys’ coming to the table and ,this time, they happen to be women.
The girl who dated 100 guys

The girl who dated 100 guys

Hungover, while drinking a Starbucks latte at 10 am on a Sunday morning, I noticed something that I had over looked countless times before. Why were so many women quite obviously still wearing last night’s heels while ordering a shot of espresso to go?
Do you ever really break up with your ex?

Do you ever really break up with your ex?

In the age of digital communications, has social media made it impossible for us to let go?