My life with porn

Our journalist dishes on her life in London’s billion Pound porn industry (and it’s not what you’re thinking).

Flaming Hot Naked Men

Prince Harry might not be the hottest ginger in the world anymore. These red haired men are stripping down to show off their own crown jewels.

50 Shades of ‘I refuse to pay THAT for a sex toy’.

Ok, so while some of us like to spice things up in the bedroom with whipped cream, others are buying 14 million rand dildos that double as necklaces.

Adopt Don’t Shop

These puppies NEED homes (we’re not talking about the guys, ladies) and Passports and Pérignon won’t stop until all the cages are empty.

My sick obsession: Airport Goodbyes

Everyone has their ‘thing’ … whips, vegetarianism or CrossFit. Mine is well, a little more unconventionally twisted.

Things you should ask your gynae, even if you really don’t want to

Going to see Doctor Hoo-hah is never a pleasant experience and we often omit things because well, they are kinda awkies. The one thing gynaes want you to know? THEY HAVE SEEN IT ALL.

Into the mind of the F* Boy

We’re going where no girl has been before… into the mind of the F*ck Boy, ‘cos who isn’t dying to know what really happens to our nudes after we break up?

Every freak finds their match

If you’ve been on Tinder for a year straight and are still coming up unlucky in love, why not try one of these um, interesting apps (one is for horse lovers only!)

I brewed my own aphrodisiac tea and this is what happened.

Having been cooped up at home overcoming a recent tonsillectomy, I had time on my hands. What better way to pass it than in the kitchen, whipping up ‘Love your Libido’ tea?

50 Shades of ‘does your boyfriend know you’re cooked?’

Our editor sent her unsuspecting boyfriend the most cringe-worthy lines from 50 Shades of Grey and the results were hilarious.