The game with champagne

It's no secret that our favourite event on the social calendar is the polo at Inanda (and this year's theme is out!).

I went for a ‘vagina renovation’ and here’s what happened.

The world’s hottest beauty craze has come to Joburg… and it’s not what you’re expecting, at all.

Serena Van Der Woodsen’s Nottest to Hottest

Our recent Netflix binge-watching of Gossip Girl inspired us to rate Serena’s boyfriends (because isn’t that more important than world politics?)

5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you need to buy yourself

Who needs a lover when you love yourself? We’ve rounded up the best Valentine’s Day gifts from you, to you.

News for Blondes: Why do women HATE Trump?

We know the world hates Trump … but why? What does it mean to be a woman in the US and why is everyone (and Lady Gaga) always marching?

Help… new year, same me!

The party streamers have been thrown away (along with those empty bottles of Cîroc) and that guy you kissed still hasn’t texted you back. New Year’s Eve might be over but darling, the party is only just starting.

He’s Jewish, I’m not … now what?

Since I was a little girl day-dreaming about my wedding whilst playing with Barbie Dolls, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Barbie would one day walk down the aisle towards a Chuppah, while her Ken stood before her in a yarmulke.

Why every couple needs counseling

Whether you’re young or old, blissfully happy or throwing plates at each other, here’s why every couple needs to see SA’s relationship queen.

A blogger’s letter to other girls.

Why is it, that in my ‘Insta-perfect’ world with a following of thousands, I’m more depressed than ever?

My life with porn

Our journalist dishes on her life in London’s billion Pound porn industry (and it’s not what you’re thinking).