Lesarmario nails it!

There’s a new hair and nail bar in Sandton and here’s why it’s the only place to get pampered…

At least your ex isn’t Rob Kardashian.

For those of you having a bad day (or year) trying to get over your ex, stop reading this right now, get on your knees and thank G-d he isn’t Rob Kardashian.

The Queen of bubbly

We’ve found our soul twin, and if you’re not already following @The_champagne_chick are you even on Instagram?

The threat of Meghan Markle

Like Cressida Bonas and the other blonde before her, we didn’t think Meghan would be around for too long. However, it now seems she won’t leave our man alone.

Chiara’s YSL dress isn’t the only thing that’s sparkling!

Talk about a 30th birthday present! Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni is engaged.

Flaming Hot Naked Men

Prince Harry might not be the hottest ginger in the world anymore. These red haired men are stripping down to show off their own crown jewels.

Not so nude

We all love a good nude manicure but sometimes our faithful old friend needs a revamp, Kylie Jenner style.

OMG this wedding is literally like my Pinterest board!

If you’re lucky enough to have just gotten engaged (some of us are still eating cereal for dinner in yoga pants) then you might want to follow the hottest wedding trends of the year.

Flowers were so 2016

Boys take note - there’s a new gift delivery service on the block and it doesn’t include flowers… ‘cos these days girls are all about beauty and jewels.

Dressed by Diane

We stopped by Diane Paris this week for a little style advice like ‘What the hell do I wear to meet my in-laws?