Twinning with your BFF

2017 is the year of the future. First the IPhone X, now BFF bracelets for you and your pet. We’ll have one in every colour, please!

Let’s toast to la dolce vita

What better way to celebrate Spring than by enjoying it on a private beach, sipping the finest bubbly and sampling the coolest craft spirits?

Wax it off

There’s a new wax bar in Joburg and it’s the only place we trust with our, um, lady bits.

Socialites Unite

What's better than enjoying a cup of Earl Grey with Cape Town’s hottest socialites, all in the name of charity?

This is not a drill! Urban Decay opens today!

The last time we were this excited was Kate and Will’s wedding in 2011. Urban Decay has opened their first standalone store in Cape Town and we’ve been queuing all morning.

I’m lovin’ it

What’s better than a Big Mac? A Big Mac Onesie! McDonald’s just launched their first apparel line and we demand a show at Fashion Week.

Polo and Prosecco

Our favourite event of the season is almost upon us and here’s everything you need to know about securing your tickets to the Inanda Africa Cup. We hope you’ve put that prosecco in ice, darlings!

Nike 'just gets' us Basic Betches

Nike just launched an entire Millennial Pink range that’s so ‘Instafab’ it actually might motivate us to show up to that Monday night Pilates class.

Ice cream, per favore!

Italy’s finest gelato has found its way to Joburg! Do you think we can have two scoops for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Channel your inner yogi

Yoga mat? Check. Passport? Check. A week in Zanzibar finding your inner Zen? Double check! Passports & Pérignon is headed on a Yoga retreat to the world’s most beautiful destination.