Ice cream, per favore!

Italy’s finest gelato has found its way to Joburg! Do you think we can have two scoops for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

The hunt for New York’s best bagel

New York in 2017 has been a hotbed for journalistic content. Any breaking news story can be summed up in three words – The Trump Administration. However, for our editor, spending two days in transit was worth it when it came to uncovering the truth behind something more serious… ‘Where the hell does one find New York’s BEST bagel?’

Constantia Style

There are very few places that epitomize effortless elegance like Constantia’s Blanko. It’s no wonder we signed up for their Supper Club and if you’re foodies like us, we recommend you do too!

Food, art and design merge in the heart of Sandton

Wishbone Café and Bistro Bar, situated in 11 Alice Lane in Sandton, is the hidden gem that is your soon-to-be favourite restaurant.

The lunch date of the year

When Nederburg hosts a lunch, it’s anything but ‘casual’. See how us Sandton girls’ celebrated their Heritage Heroes collection (It involved a cordon bleu chef, famous Instagramers and wine, of course).

Ladies who lunch

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you haven’t already booked a place to take your mom for lunch, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

A Fresh start

There’s a new trend on every millennial’s radar. We gave detoxing a go, and surprisingly didn’t starve to death.

Hummus is life. Hummus is love.

We’ve rounded up the top variations of our favourite dip that are more addictive than crack.

G&T Gatsby style

We’re always looking for new date- night spots and Workshop 55 is so sexy, it’s become our ‘set the mood’ hangout.

‘Fantasy Suite Cocktail’

While we laugh at the next victim to bid ‘Nick au revoir’ we need refreshments right? See our special choice for Tomorrow night’s three hour episode of the Bachelor.