Better for our birthday suit

We’re all about keeping things ‘au natural’ (don’t worry we still shave our legs!). What we’re talking about is finding a brand that’s 100 percent vegan without compromising on luxury. Breaking news… we found it!

Microblade or nah?

Bella Thorne started the trend when she live streamed her microblading session. The world (and, well me) followed suit. I ask the question, what is it really like to tattoo my face?!?’

Basic Bitches Unite!

Put your chai latte down, MAC is taking the term ‘basic bitch’ to the next level.

Flaunt those freckles

Having skin like Kate Upton doesn’t mean you need 327 different products and enough hours in the day to do seven different chemical peels. All it takes is our ‘3 step skin guide for the time poor woman’.

A spa fit for an emperor… quite literally.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if like us you’re googling what to get your partner, we have just the idea (and it involves rubbing mud all over his body).

Bat those lashes

You’re never fully dressed without a full set of lashes and a Sandton girl’s always got to stay true to her roots.

Beauty MUST have

We’re all about the finer things in life and when it comes to our money-maker we don’t mess around. That’s why we always keep a can of Thermal Spring Water in our Louis.

Forever Young

No one wants to look forty- two when they’re only thirty- seven. While our favourite toxin (Botulinum) is God’s gift to us Sandton Sweethearts, prevention is always better than cure.

Hair Tinder - Finding The One

Finding a good hairdresser in a new city is about as easy as finding a faithful boyfriend in Kong at 4am while Rihanna plays in the background.

SOHO with a touch of Sea Point

Move over, Sea Point salons - there’s a new kid on the block who specializes in everything … literally.