Hollywood Hair

You ever heard the saying, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as your hair looks good? Well Vichy clearly has. Their new Dercos range is our answer to bad hair days.

To Thai for

If you’ve frolicked on the beaches of Thailand, you’ll know there is nothing more fabulous than a traditional Thai massage. Luckily for Thai enthusiast, you no longer have to venture further than Joburg.

Getting real about reflex

Is reflexology a money making scheme that’s kinda like a foot massage? We had to find out for rich housewives everywhere.

Not so nude

We all love a good nude manicure but sometimes our faithful old friend needs a revamp, Kylie Jenner style.

Flowers were so 2016

Boys take note - there’s a new gift delivery service on the block and it doesn’t include flowers… ‘cos these days girls are all about beauty and jewels.

Kiki in our clutch

There’s a new beauty brand in SA and having a face like Bella Hadid is possible in 5 easy steps.

Come on baby light my fire

We collect only a few things in life. Diamonds, ex’s and scented candles. Crabtree & Evelyn has one scent for every room. Must have been a girl who came up with the concept, right?

Mermaid’s totes exist …

Our product of the week, Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source will have you feeling like Ariel.

Um, we totally care about the environment

Passports and Pérignon loves products that are free of chemicals and colorants ‘cos in 2017, beauty is all about the ‘au natural’.

I like my men with beards

Ladies, we all know that a bearded man is the way to our heart, right, Casey Affleck? This post is dedicated to worshiping and maintaining the beard (and an excuse to perv on your Friday tea break).