What the hell is IPL?

These three letters are on every Sandton girl’s lips, and we break down the skin treatment of the year.

Power of the pumpkin

Scared of a chemical peel? Try a pumpkin resurfacer instead!

Genevieve’s besties of the week

Having travelled non-stop in 2017, this week I decided to cancel most of my events and have some much needed R&R before the crazy holiday season. These three products were my besties of the week!

On our beauty radar

We love finding the most talked about spots in town, so it’s no surprise this ‘celeb aesthetics hangout’ makes our must-visit list.

Finding your Zen in Dubai

CHI spa is the perfect place to unwind and we’re checking in for a caviar facial with our girls and Maltese poodle.

Face beat strong

Ex- National director of artistry for Bobbi Brown, Louis Fritz is our go-to make-up artist and he’s got all the red hot glamour tips.

Big hair don’t care

Christmas season is upon us and Carlton’s hottest stylist, Kalpesh Dave, dishes on the sexiest styles to rock at this year’s office party.

All about that glow

Summer is coming and we’ve rounded up the Top 5 reasons why getting a spray tan is better than the actual sun.

Get rid of those banana rolls

We all want a booty like Kim K and when we can’t get rid of that stubborn roll underneath our bikini bottom, Lightsculpt is the only place we turn to for help.

Gracefully beautiful

There’s a new beauty spot in Parkmore and it’s so elegant, it’s as if it’s decorated by Grace Kelly herself.