2018 Obsession

If you haven’t been to Lightsculpt for Dermapen this year, you’re still living in 2017. See why everyone should get ‘penned.

Ways you are self-sabotaging your hair

If your hair is not as thick and bouncy as Jessica Simpson’s, it’s probably your fault. Have a look at the hair ‘faux-pas’ we all make (and how they are inadvertently trashing our locks).

Beauty Bulletin

It might be the first week of 2018 but that doesn’t mean we’re slacking when it comes to rounding up the beauty industry’s hottest products.

Does Dermapen work? How a skeptic became a believer

Cautious to give it a try, our editor entered the ‘Dermapen members club’ and here’s why this skeptic became a believer.

K, but do teeth whitening lights work?

In the age of Instagram, a girl needs to look her best… and like most things this decade, teeth whitening just got a whole lot easier (but is it just a money making scam?)

Genevieve’s Besties of the week

Beach hair is a thing of the past! Our editor’s top summer products are sure to keep every Camps Bay girl’s hair and skin in check.

Genevieve’s besties of the week

Chanukah is upon us and for those that are celebrating, this means one thing… What eight gifts do I get someone?!?

To Botox or not to Botox… that is the question.

Too scared to take the plunge just yet? We answer all your Botox questions.

Brows on fleek

There’s a new brow and lash spot in Fourways and are you even living in 2017 if you’re not lashed?

Genevieve’s besties of the week

This week I’m gearing up for the silly season, and with holiday parties around the corner I’ve chosen my four must-have glam products.