Forever Young

No one wants to look forty- two when they’re only thirty- seven. While our favourite toxin (Botulinum) is God’s gift to us Sandton Sweethearts, prevention is always better than cure.

Hair Tinder – Finding The One

Finding a good hairdresser in a new city is about as easy as finding a faithful boyfriend in Kong at 4am while Rihanna plays in the background.

SOHO with a touch of Sea Point

Move over, Sea Point salons - there’s a new kid on the block who specializes in everything … literally.

Not your average buff and paint

Manicures have become such an integral part of our lives that we often find ourselves rushing to the nearest run-of-the- mill franchise salon for that last spot on a Friday afternoon, just to get the job done. Instead of being just another errand, maybe the ‘art of the mani’ needs to go back to being a grand affair, which is why Buff Salon in Umhlanga is a tiny slice of your very own wonderland.


If you know me, you would know that I’d rather listen to an entire Pitbull album on repeat than work up a sweat in the gym. But how can you not enjoy a little Nama-“slay” when your exercise class feels like a party?
The wildest massage in Africa

The wildest massage in Africa

Every self-respecting gal lives for a good massage so when we say this is the best massage in South Africa we mean it - it literally might be better than spending a night with Johnny Depp!