Mntl for Dntl

We're totally mental for New York's FIRST walk-in bar dental bar 'cos who doesn't love watching Friends while getting their teeth cleaned.

Sleep Revolution

I love sleep more than anything but it's quality, not quantity that I'm after. If like me, you're longing for a great night's shut eye, my nightly sleep ritual is the best thing on the internet today.

My top 5 Amazon finds

There is no greater excitement than the delivery of an Amazon Prime parcel. Yet, even with hundreds' arriving every year (much to the dismay of my doorman) it's easy to narrow down my Top Five beauty purchases.

My travel ritual

Given the amount I travel to and from OR Tambo, I have acquired a new 'travel pamper ritual'. Here's why I think everyone should choose Evolve Wellness Spa when travelling, too.

Reveal Your Most Radiant Skin

Everyone wants smoother, more radiant skin - but this kind of skin is harder to achieve with age. Here's how Dermalogica is combatting this problem.

Beauty on the move

Joburg has a new beauty bus driving 'round town and it's cute AF!

Why I shave my face

Dermaplaning is a hot new beauty trend on everyone's radar (but did you know Asia and models have been doing it for years?)

How to get rid of a pre-date pimple

It's happened to all of us before. The day before our big date, Mount Vesuvius erupts on our chin. Dry your tears, soldier, and follow our orders!

Platinum Blonde and Beyond

It’s every girl’s favourite shade and thanks to Morgan Taylor’s new Platinum range, our manicure just got an upgrade.

The ultimate skin doctor? Mother Nature

We’re always in search of the hottest skincare on the market and our newest obsession? Supernatural Body.