I miss

I miss the smell of spring in the city, the perfect mixture of urine and sunshine.

Work from home runway

Having spent the last two months between my lounge and the kitchen accumulating a daily tally of 126 steps, my work attire has drastically changed. These six 'WFH' items make me look like the wife of an Upper East Side investment broker and honestly, I'm here for it.

Wellness reboot (without leaving the UES)

Having a bad week and need to ditch your anxiety, fast? There's only one place I head for some R&R (and the best part is that you don't need to leave The Upper East Side!)

Upscale Upstate

As millennials, we're very picky when it comes to our 'Upstate Instagram vacations'. We want quaint cabins but with good linen, nature but only from a distance and of course, we need to be able to bring our $5000 French Bulldog.

Just in time for wedding season

It’s no secret that Shamwari in my native Eastern Cape is my dream wedding destination (so these renovations could not have come soon enough!)

Valentine's Day in the bush

Yes, I know the holidays are not over yet but I can't help planning ahead for my favourite day of consumerism.

48 Hours in Philadelphia

Do you live on the East coast and you’ve never visited Philly? Us, too. It was a sin we had to rectify. So what does one do with only 48 hours in one of America’s oldest city?

Mntl for Dntl

We're totally mental for New York's FIRST walk-in bar dental bar 'cos who doesn't love watching Friends while getting their teeth cleaned.

Sleep Revolution

I love sleep more than anything but it's quality, not quantity that I'm after. If like me, you're longing for a great night's shut eye, my nightly sleep ritual is the best thing on the internet today.

My top 5 Amazon finds

There is no greater excitement than the delivery of an Amazon Prime parcel. Yet, even with hundreds' arriving every year (much to the dismay of my doorman) it's easy to narrow down my Top Five beauty purchases.