Better for our birthday suit

We’re all about keeping things ‘au natural’ (don’t worry we still shave our legs!). What we’re talking about is finding a brand that’s 100 percent vegan without compromising on luxury. Breaking news… we found it!

Put away the coconut oil and all the crazy products your weird aunt Tibby has been foisting on you since you decided to join the ‘Beauty without cruelty’ brigade. Finally there’s a line of beauty and body products that are 100 percent vegan, don’t test on animals and don’t leave you smelling like neroli oil.

Pure Beginnings is our favourite natural organic range. Not only do they cover us from body wash to deodorant, toothpaste and moisturizer, the products are luxurious, deliciously smelling and oh so trendy! If you are still using products that test on animals you really should get with 2017.