Beach Villa Hideaway

With panoramic views of the Bushmans River, The Oysterbox Beach House is the perfect escape to save yourself from quarantine madness.

After five months in one house, we decided it was time for a change of scenery. However, travel in the foreseeable future is going to look a little different than it once was (especially for a germaphobe like myself). With hotels or lodges with shared common areas being totally off the table, I set out to find the most luxurious and secluded weekend getaway (and the Oysterbox Beach House in Kenton was just that).

This luxury villa is a four-bedroom beach house with the most incredible sea views. Located on the sunny Eastern Cape coast of South Africa at the end of the Garden Route in the seaside town of Kenton-on-sea, this house is the perfect place to socially distance with all the mod cons of society.

While the staff is available to clean the house each day, we requested that we stay on a self-catering basis to minimize anyone coming into the house while we were there. We relaxed on the deck after a day of sunshine and enjoyed a drink and a barbeque at the rim of the swimming pool whilst gazing at magnificent sunsets. Our days consisted of vigorous beach walks along the most incredible coastline, afternoon naps and catching up on some good books in the house’s upstairs reading room. Everything about a stay here is slow-paced and relaxing.

We opted to cook for ourselves but should you wish, there are two or three spots open in the small town for takeaway meals. After living in Manhattan for the last few years, a weekend in this picturesque seaside town was exactly what was needed to reset the soul (think of an unpretentious and almost rustic Montauk).

The Oyster Box Beach House is the flagship of the Oyster Collection group of Guest Houses, which has been built up over 7 years to provide outstanding whole house rental, self-catering & luxury bed and breakfast accommodation in Kenton-on-Sea, Franschoek and Cape Town.