At least your ex isn’t Rob Kardashian.

For those of you having a bad day (or year) trying to get over your ex, stop reading this right now, get on your knees and thank G-d he isn’t Rob Kardashian.

Rob Kardashian took ‘petty’ to the next level today when he uploaded pictures of his ex, Black Chyna’s vagina, among other things to his Instagram account. His reason? She slept with other men and sent him a video of her having sex with one of them yesterday (we had a pretty mild 4th of July in comparison). His Instagram tirade left the world in shock and us thinking our ex’s, who ghosted us after our break-up, seem like the boyfriends’ of the year in comparison.

We’ve broken it down with everything we’ve learnt from Rob’s social media suicide. The facts and images are well, shocking.

  1. Rob posted a photo of Chyna in a hospital bed pre-weight loss surgery. The Kardashian claims he paid for Chyna to get weight loss surgery after giving birth to their daughter, Dream. He also claims he paid for the surgery which cost him a cool 100k. Yikes.
  2. He then posted a photo of Blac Chyna’s large nipples. They are recognizably hers given her trade mark tattoos. He said her nipples used to be cute until she had the surgery which left her with large nipples but claims he still loved her even with ugly nipples. We wish we were making this stuff up!
  3. He then posted a photo of Chyna’s vagina which was once again recognizable because of her tattoos. He called her out for airbrushing her vagina in the nude photograph (Chill Rob, we all airbrush our vaginas pre-nudes, right ladies?).
  4. He accused her of sleeping with numerous men, one of which he shared a photo of lying in the bed him and Chyna apparently share. He stated he pays for the bed and house Chyna cheated on him in. Their rent costs him a cool 16k a month and apparently their daughter Dream and Chyna’s son King Cairo were in the house when Chyna slept with the random men.
  5. Rob says Chyna is addicted to drugs and alcohol hence why she couldn’t breastfeed Dream for longer than 4 weeks because she needed to drink.
  6. He says he slept with her recently without a condom and will be going for an STI test (TMI, Rob).
  7. He also claims he spent 250k on jewelry for her as a gift and that she slept with two other men in her bed the very next day.

Chyna’s response?

She has been very quiet on Instagram but took to Snapchat to show off the jewelry Rob bought her and aptly captioned it ‘LOL’. Savage, Chy.

Rob has since been banned from Instagram but has taken to Twitter. It’s safe to say we won’t be sleeping tonight because this feud is too good to miss!