All I want for Valentine’s Day is …

Forget the flowers and the chocolates (and the so-last-year Cartier love bracelets). This year, all we want for V-Day is sex and a pair of Gucci Moccasins.

Every fashion lover and socialite knows if you didn’t ‘don’ a pair of these famous backless fur slippers to fashion weeks’ around the world you were literally a ‘no one’. These hobo-chic flats are the first purchase of every Instagram model and blogger (for very good reason). Perhaps our obsession harkens back to the days of Jackie-O and her Gucci bags or the laid back glam of the 1970’s, or maybe because we saw Anna Wintour in a pair and need or own, NOW.

Also known as the ‘Princetown leather slipper’ these babies will cost you around R13 600. Chump change for the man lucky enough to spend the most romantic day of the year with you, right?

Gucci Sandton:  011 326 7928