All about that glow

Summer is coming and we’ve rounded up the Top 5 reasons why getting a spray tan is better than the actual sun.

Baking in the sun is horrible for one’s skin but in a world of Insta perfect photo’s, how’s a girl to maintain her tan? We spoke to our favourite tan artist, Candice Smith from Skin Candy and got the scoop on why being brushed is better than burned.

  1. It’s immediate

It’s perfect for the working girl, who doesn’t have enough time to lay in the sun for hours. Did we mention it’s also perfect for brides, bloggers and socialites who have big events looming and there isn’t enough time to build a tan the old-fashioned way. It takes many hours of sun exposure to get a deep golden hue, but with spray tanning, you can get that same effect in mere minutes!

  1. No ageing here!

Sun rays are one of the main causes of ageing but with spray tans, there’s no need to worry about those already impending wrinkles. Also there’s no risk of skin cancer or permanent damage. This is especially important for people with a history of melanoma, mole removals, and other abnormal dermatological exams.

  1. Confidence is key

Is it just us or does an immediate tan give you the extra confidence boost you need when heading out in a hot new outfit? With a spray tan, you can get every inch of your body perfectly and evenly colored, no lines or shadows to make you self-conscious!

  1. The Skinny effect

There’s a saying that goes ‘I would rather be fat and tanned than fat and pale’ and there’s nothing closer to the truth. Spray tans give the illusion of firming and make you look 5kgs slimmer, so it’s safe to say tanning is our cardio.

  1. All year long

Gone are the days of being tanned just in summer. With a spray tan you can stay gorgeously glowing all year round. This is perfect for people who travel, work in the entertainment business, or simply prefer a darker skin color, even when it’s raining outside.

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