A girl’s best friend

If you think a girl’s best friend is a Tiffany diamond you’ve obviously never found a great highlighter. Our hot products of the summer? Smith & Cult’s Illumify range, et sexy AF bronzer.

All a girl needs when heading to Camps Bay this December is a pair of sunnies and this destructible highlighter and bronzer duo. The Illumify shimmering highlight (R609) instantly creates a luminous natural glow and blends effortlessly with the skin to achieve a skin-perfecting, duo chromatic glow.

Once your skin looks flawless, add Smith & Cult’s summer perfect blush/bronzer duo (R675) for a pop of colour that will leave the face and cheeks with a vibrant, natural looking glow.

To order this summer duo shop online at www.quintessentiallyyours.co.za