A Fresh start

There’s a new trend on every millennial’s radar. We gave detoxing a go, and surprisingly didn’t starve to death.

Every day we’re bombarded with ridiculous diet trends that range from no carbs to drinking whey protein upside down in a TapOut T-shirt. We went back to nature with the simplest and most wholesome way to kick start your metabolism … juicing.

We decided to give it a shot and surprisingly felt better than we’ve felt in months. After our three day program, our skin glowed and our next green juice became something we craved (coming from ex-Coca-Cola addicts, this is impressive!)

We sat down with the Owner of Fresh Juice CO, Megan Holden and asked the questions that everyone has been dying to ask, like, will I gain the weight back?

What are the benefits of juicing?

Often we are so busy eating excessive amounts of food all day because well packaged snacks just look so inviting. Our bodies are therefore so busy digesting food that there is no time to focus on healing.  When we juice for a few days there is no energy going into the digestion of food – instead energy is spent on healing your body from the inside out.

Why can’t we just eat our fruits and vegetables as opposed to juicing?

Eating fruits and veg are super important! Due to fast paced lifestyles, we often need an easy solution for our ‘on-the-go’ ethos. Veggie juices are a great way to nourish your body while you are on the move.  It’s super convenient to grab a juice and go.  These nutrition packed juices are full of flavour, vitamins and minerals.

 What are some of the basic things I need to know to get started?

There are a few do’s and don’ts. People worry that they will starve on the cleanse so they eat the most enormous meal before they start (don’t do that!) The most important issue is that your mindset has to be right.  Focusing on the fact that it’s only a few days. It’s empowering when you realize that you don’t need to rely on food all the time. The end result of how you feel and what you have achieved after the cleanse is so worth it.

When is the best time to juice?

It depends on you.  Some people feel like a weekend would suit them – although this is not always the case (you know how it goes: sitting at home with some time on your hands, you open the fridge out of habit).  My suggestion is to do your cleanse during the week. When you are in your usual routine time flies.

I’m tired all of the time.  Will juicing help me?

Absolutely! After a cleanse you will feel revived.  Swallowing all those antioxidants and nutrients gives you no choice but to feel energetic.

If I do it for weight loss, will the weight stay off?

If you follow your cleanse with a well-balanced eating plan which excludes refined foods and empty calories, then yes, the weight will stay off. If you go back to your usual ways of over indulgence, then absolutely not. The choice to be happy and healthy is yours.

To order your juices or for more information visit www. freshjuiceco.co.za