5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you need to buy yourself

Who needs a lover when you love yourself? We’ve rounded up the best Valentine’s Day gifts from you, to you.

We’ve only got a few days before we start eating our weight in chocolate and watching gag-worthy rom-com’s like Sweet Home Alabama. Although it may be another reminder of how pathetically single some of us are, there’s no reason to hate on it any more than any other commercialized holiday. It’s solely an excuse to buy more shit and like, give heart-shaped gifts to people in hopes that you can buy their love. Seems fine by me, tbh. Significant other or not, you never needed an excuse to shop. Here’s a bunch of cute shit to buy or casually “hint” to your BF that you want ‘cos you fucking deserve it.

A Diptyque Candle

From the Kardashians to your favourite bloggers, everyone who is anyone is obsessed with these over the top exorbitantly priced candles and that’s exactly why we want one. Yes they might be ridiculously priced but every girl deserves one once in their lifetime and they last so long that your money will be totally worth it (because let’s face it, these are actually décor pieces more so than air diffusers). Diptyque candles are made to burn longer than most traditional candles. Their candles on average last from 50 to 60 hours with a proper burn. To order in South Africa visit www.fragrancefanatic.co.za


Lush Bath Bombs

The best thing about being single? Being able to bath for three hours without a child annoying you or a boyfriend who wants your attention/sex. We’re all about a romantic bath for one with a candle (Diptyque, duh) and some bath smellies. What we love about Lush bath cosmetics? They don’t test on animals or burn our cookie. Don’t know about you but that’s all we look for when it comes to bath accessories. And even if it did burn Princess Fiona, it makes for a good Insta, which is almost more important.


Bloomfield Bespoke Flowers

Every girl loves flowers, so why wait around for a guy to buy them for you as a, ‘I’m sorry for cheating on you with an Instagram ho who sells Whey Protein’ gift. Like Virginia Woolf said, if you want the flowers, buy them for your damn self. So please excuse us while we order three of Joburg’s most luxurious box roses. To order email Bloomfieldblooms@gmail.com



This one is self –explanatory! If you haven’t been for Dermapen already, you are living under a rock! This miracle aesthetics treatment is amazing for treating the appearance of stretch marks, Reducing pore size, Improves the quality and texture of the skin as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Use the code Genevieve at Lightsculpt to get 10% off your treatment. www.lightsculpt.co.za


Why Men Marry Bitches.

The bible of all relationship bibles, this book is a must-read for every self-respecting woman. This manifesto of feminist power shows women how to transform a casual relationship into a committed one. It explains why being extra nice doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be more devoted. It shares real-life ‘no holds barred’ interviews with men who answer to questions such as: Do men deliberately push women’s emotional buttons? Yip, our type of Saturday read. Available from Exclusive Books.