Looking for a push present?

Kim K made the ‘push’ present famous after Kanye gifted her a million dollars’ worth of jewels for well, having his baby. Call us high maintenance too, but we also have something in mind.

Summer in Style

Vacationing in Europe this summer? Well, why not stay at one of these celeb retreats?

Skinny Travel

If, like us, you always seem to cheat on your diet while in a state of panic, 37 000 ft. in the air, we’ve got the best tips for staying thin while traveling.

New York’s hottest pop-up

He’s won Academy Awards, is besties with Gal Gadot and now, we can have a piece of him in our bedroom (for a cost of course).

NYC Date Night

Need some inspiration for a romantic dinner in the city? These are our top picks of the month (when it comes to romantic atmosphere and cuisine!)

Sometimes a facelift is as good as a holiday!

Benmore Shopping Centre got a facelift like no other, and now we’re moving in for shopping, manicures and everything in-between.

Nothing says I love you like a Rolex, right?

Rolex has introduced their latest Oyster Collection and it has us wishing our men will mess up so we can request one for an ‘I’m sorry gift’.

From the township to the fashion capital

This township woman’s rooibos tea bag purses are all the rage in Paris, and we want five!

Keeping tabs on your skin

A naked eye can’t see skin problems, that’s why we recommend this groundbreaking skin analysis.

A villa among the vineyards

Everyone knows that sipping bubbly is all the more enjoyable with a chef and butler, right?