Channel your inner yogi

Yoga mat? Check. Passport? Check. A week in Zanzibar finding your inner Zen? Double check! Passports & Pérignon is headed on a Yoga retreat to the world’s most beautiful destination.

The jewel of the Middle East

There’s an oasis situated in the golden sand of the Al Qudra desert where time stands still, luxury is palpable with every breath and heaven truly does seem to be a place that exists on earth.

The hunt for New York’s best bagel

New York in 2017 has been a hotbed for journalistic content. Any breaking news story can be summed up in three words – The Trump Administration. However, for our editor, spending two days in transit was worth it when it came to uncovering the truth behind something more serious… ‘Where the hell does one find New York’s BEST bagel?’

Grand Slam

Superga’s new ‘tennis shoes’ are so hot, we might hit the court just for the Instagram.

Lesarmario nails it!

There’s a new hair and nail bar in Sandton and here’s why it’s the only place to get pampered…

Constantia Style

There are very few places that epitomize effortless elegance like Constantia’s Blanko. It’s no wonder we signed up for their Supper Club and if you’re foodies like us, we recommend you do too!

At least your ex isn’t Rob Kardashian.

For those of you having a bad day (or year) trying to get over your ex, stop reading this right now, get on your knees and thank G-d he isn’t Rob Kardashian.

My number one travel buddy

Being totally paranoid about ageing and totally obsessed with the cutting edge in skincare technology, it was a ‘no brainer’ I took Vichy’s Mineral 89 with me on my recent world tour. The verdict? I refuse to travel without it in the future.