Be the richest bitch at the braai

With alfresco lunches on the horizon the title of ‘hostess with the mostest’ is something that needs to be earned … and that Cos lettuce salad? Darling, that will never do!

Baby, baby, baby – YES!

The news that our #MCM is returning to SA is enough to make the fangirl in us hit the treadmill in hopes of running into him at Caprice. But just in case you’re not one of the lucky ones who will get to bump into JB, be sure to get your ticket so that you can perve from a distance!

Ted takes Cape Town

Our favourite, ‘you look fab, where is that dress from?’ store has FINALLY opened in the Mother City and we need our year-end bonuses - as in, RIGHT now.

Hair Tinder - Finding The One

Finding a good hairdresser in a new city is about as easy as finding a faithful boyfriend in Kong at 4am while Rihanna plays in the background.

Hello, summer!

With poolside festivities now in full swing, Vichy ‘came to the party’ with a glass of Sauv Blanc in hand, by hosting their hot Summerscape event.

How to look way more fun than his new girlfriend on Instagram

We all know that when a man moves on we can’t stop ourselves from savagely stalking his new girlfriend on Instagram. Yes, it’s a war - and we ALWAYS win.

In with the “in crowd”

There’s no denying that we’re social climbers, so trust us when we say that the place to be seen in Joburg is at Marble in Rosebank.

Is it morally acceptable to use Tinder for free food?

There’s a general perception that men pick up the tab in hopes of ‘getting lucky’, but in 2016 there’s a new wave of ‘fuck boys’ coming to the table and ,this time, they happen to be women.