Standing Ovation

Need a holiday? Well we’ve found the trip of the bloody century.

Joburg’s hidden fashion gem

Raise your hand if you’re tired of sharing your Zara dress with the rest of Hyde Park Tasha’s.

Next Century Cosmetics

First came disposable make-up wipes, then vibrating mascara. In 2018 we’re kicking it up a notch with these ‘Jetson’ type cosmetics. Yip, they’re that tech savvy.

Fall in Love with LCN

There’s a new beauty babe on our radar and here’s why we love it!

10 steps (years) ahead.

Our beauty editor, Alia Jenkins, swears by Korean skincare (along with every other Instagram blogger).

Sorbet’s Crow (n) Jewel

With over 200 stores nationwide, we’ve found the franchise’s jewel and here’s why.

Hot three

Every now and again, we like to share new beauty finds (and this week’s choices range from top to toe).

I got lip fillers… and it was no big deal.

I’ve always been anxious about putting strange substances into my body, hence why I never contemplated lip fillers … until I took the plunge.

All aboard

Cruising is not just for the elderly (as our week aboard the MSC proved) when you do it Passports and Pérignon style.

Say goodnight to tired looking eyes

There’s a new aesthetic procedure in town and it’s a non-surgical eye lift. Yip, we thought so … you may now freak-out!