Um, we totally care about the environment

Passports and Pérignon loves products that are free of chemicals and colorants ‘cos in 2017, beauty is all about the ‘au natural’.

I like my men with beards

Ladies, we all know that a bearded man is the way to our heart, right, Casey Affleck? This post is dedicated to worshiping and maintaining the beard (and an excuse to perv on your Friday tea break).

Better for our birthday suit

We’re all about keeping things ‘au natural’ (don’t worry we still shave our legs!). What we’re talking about is finding a brand that’s 100 percent vegan without compromising on luxury. Breaking news… we found it!

Things you should ask your gynae, even if you really don’t want to

Going to see Doctor Hoo-hah is never a pleasant experience and we often omit things because well, they are kinda awkies. The one thing gynaes want you to know? THEY HAVE SEEN IT ALL.

‘Fantasy Suite Cocktail'

While we laugh at the next victim to bid ‘Nick au revoir’ we need refreshments right? See our special choice for Tomorrow night’s three hour episode of the Bachelor.

Into the mind of the F* Boy

We’re going where no girl has been before… into the mind of the F*ck Boy, ‘cos who isn’t dying to know what really happens to our nudes after we break up?

Shaken not stirred, and do you accept kidneys as payment?

A night out at Sandton’s VIP Room or Shimmy Beach Club might set you back R100 a cocktail but compared to these rare, unique and fabulously expensive drinks, that’s chump change, babe.

Every freak finds their match

If you’ve been on Tinder for a year straight and are still coming up unlucky in love, why not try one of these um, interesting apps (one is for horse lovers only!)

Microblade or nah?

Bella Thorne started the trend when she live streamed her microblading session. The world (and, well me) followed suit. I ask the question, what is it really like to tattoo my face?!?’